The National Park of Elbrus

The National Park of Elbrus.

In the depths of the Baksan Valley National Park of Elbrus - the heart of the Caucasus. The National Park of Elbrus - an area with unique opportunities for the development of many types of tourism. Tranquility, friendliness and hospitality - hallmarks of Elbrus. This amazing land with majestic covered ice caps tops , picturesque gorges and numerous waterfalls, mild mountain climate. A Mecca for skiers. In Elbrus region very rich flora. Here there are birch, alder, beech, hornbeam, wild cherry , rowan , hmelegrab , yew , birch Raude , snowdrop Bortkiewicz, Caucasian rhododendron. On the banks of the river Baksan growing thickets of sea buckthorn, which are protected as a botanical monument. In Elbrus region unusually high, powerful and beautiful pine.

On the slope of Mount Elbrus ski slopes are located. In Elbrus region are several ski schools where teaching is organized skiing with an instructor.