Chegem waterfalls

"Chegem waterfalls" falls from different heights (up to 50 m) and are of different sizes and species. Some of them pour streams narrow clefts of the rocks , others drain broad transparent ribbons. Title Chegem , which translates as "Land of broke," becomes quite clear when the eye catches the narrow canyon with a 300-metre vertical walls of marine sediments where the river rushes in close Chegem way. During the hours when the sun's rays penetrate the gorge mist formed by waterfalls, creating a rainbow. Waterfalls in winter turn white ice pillars and columns, sometimes resembling stalactites. Walls painted gorge Chegem predominantly yellow tint - from cream, almost white to orange. Rocky gorge walls are cut rock strata making up the ridge. Bottom of the gorge is here at an altitude of 1000-1300 metres above sea level and the height of the ridge reaches an average of 3000 metres.