About Company

Dear holidaymakers and those wishing to rest invite you in the amazing and beautiful places of the North Caucasus. Plunging in the primordial and the amazing beauty of nature the North Caucasus, your vacation will turn into a wonderful and unforgettable travel that will leave an indelible impression in your heart. Having been here, you can't wait for the day when once again will merge with the charming and immense beauty of our nature.

The North Caucasus from time immemorial distinguished for its hospitality, cordiality and friendliness. We treat our guests with great respect. It is our great traditions of the North Caucasus.

You will get a better idea and a great attitude to the peoples of the North Caucasus closer acquainted with the traditions of the North Caucasus.

We are glad to meet all the guests of any nationality on our majestic land.

We are ready to provide advice for holidaymakers issues of their interest.